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Know the Basics: Tire Damage Reasons

In terms of its intended use, a truck is similar to a car; you drive it and it takes you where you want to go. Despite serving the same objective, trucks and cars also have some different features and you should make sure that they are services properly. If you eventually need to have one of your truck’s tires serviced, you need to know the basics. Keep on reading to learn more about truck tire service.

Tire Damage Reasons

Over- or under-inflation is one of the main reasons tires get damaged. Tread life, driving comfort, traction, and braking are all significantly impacted by either over-inflated or under-inflated tires. Under-inflation causes the tire casing to flex excessively, which causes overheating and early wear. In contrast, over-inflating shortens tire life and causes uneven tread wear. Overloading is another factor in tire deterioration. Truck drivers frequently load more stuff than their trucks can handle. Due to the excess heat created as a result, tires are damaged.

Replace or Repair Tires?

It is evident that you need to replace the tire if it blows and the tire belts are exposed. On the other hand, flat tires brought on by punctures don’t always require replacement. Keep in mind that replacing tires is expensive, so there is still a chance that the tire can be mended as long as it doesn’t blow up. Nearly identical issues arise with truck tires and automobile tires. They eventually sustain damage, especially if they are used frequently.

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