Learn the Causes of Tire Damage Before Visiting a Tire Repair Shop

Typical Factors That Lead to Tire Deterioration

In the event that a vehicle is involved in an accident, it is possible that some of its components, such as the tires, would also sustain damage. Are you curious about the typical factors that lead to the deterioration of a tire? Here is a list of some of them that you should know before going to the nearest tire repair shop:


The maximum load capacity of a tire is its limiting factor. To put it simply, exceeding this limit will cause the tire to collapse or snap, which will ultimately result in tire damage. Therefore, you should avoid packing your car to its maximum capacity, especially when the weather is poor.

Extensive Driving

The number of miles you put on a set of tires is a significant factor in determining how long they will last. If you drive your vehicle on a daily basis, the amount of wear and tear on it will be significantly increased. Therefore, it is essential that you change your tires at the appropriate period or when they have reached the limit of their capacity.

Under Inflation

Overinflation poses a number of risks, most notably to the tires on your vehicle. This can result in the tire overheating, which can lead to an increase in pressure. Therefore, if you discover that your tires have an inadequate amount of air in them, you should get them checked as soon as you can.


If you are familiar with how to correctly inflate your tires, then this is likely the most prevalent source of damage to tires. It is advised that you pump your tires to the appropriate pressure, or even beyond this limit, for optimal performance. However, make sure that you don’t go over the recommended load limit that the tire has.

If you want to ensure that your tires are in good condition, you should seriously consider making an appointment for a tire repair service with Tire Express and Road Service #1. Our staff is ready to assist you with any troubles you may be having with your tires in Seguin, TX, and they can be reached easily at (830) 433-2929.

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