Mobile Tire Service: Early Warning Signs of Tire Failure

Check Your Tires!

Good and reliable tires are your first line of defense against an accident. The typical driver makes the mistaken assumption that because there isn’t a flat, the tires on his or her automobile are in good shape. If your car’s tires are too old or aren’t rotated when you get your oil changed, there is a good chance that you need new tires. The following are a handful of the most severe red flags that demand thorough mobile tire service:


One of the most obvious symptoms that your tires aren’t working properly is the annoying noise you hear when driving. While driving, roll the windows down, turn the radio down, and enjoy the music in your car. Occasionally, as the tread wears down or becomes totally worn off, the more tire surface area in contact with the road may produce noise. By attentively listening to hear if the noise changes in loudness with your speed, you can tell which noises are coming from your car and which ones are coming from the road.


Even on straight roadways, unusual or excessive tire noises and vibrations might point to a number of problems, such as worn suspension components, crooked wheels, or underinflated tires. It’s a clue that there is an issue with your automobile in any case, so you should have a professional take a look. If the vibration damaged the tire or caused uneven tread wear, it could be required to replace the tire.

Bubbles or Blisters

When a tire develops a blister or bubble, it has to be repaired immediately. Injuries to the tire’s inner casing can be detected via bubbles. The bubbling that results from collisions with curbs and other objects is typical. Nevertheless, if you ran into a curb, you might not be required to pay the full cost of brand-new tires. If you want to know if the guarantee on your tires is still in effect, consult it.

Better avoid these and merely contact a mobile tire service company if you notice any of these signs. We’re always willing to assist here on Tire Express and Road Service #1. We can provide you with high-caliber services in Seguin, TX. To learn more about our goods and services, contact us at (830) 433-2929.

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