Mobile Tire Service: Mistakes to Avoid When Cleaning Your Tires

Be Careful with Your Tires!

There seems to be an endless supply of new cleaners continuously flooding the mobile tire service market when it comes to cleaning your tires and wheels. From the standpoint of the wheel, it is completely logical. It takes extra caution to prevent applying the wrong chemical because there are so many different wheel finishes and coatings, and doing so might be expensive. Here are some mistakes to avoid when cleaning your tires:

Simultaneously cleaning every wheel

Take each tire cleaning task one at a time as you go about it. When you might be multitasking at all four corners of the car, it could seem a little time-consuming to rinse a wheel, spray it with a wheel cleaner, and then wait. However, if you try to use a wheel cleaner to wet all of the wheels at once, it will inevitably dry before you can rinse it off. This may result in streaking and add to the workload.

To reach the filth embedded in the rubber, tire cleanser or tire bleach must be wet for a while. The technique must be repeated if it dries in place since it loses its value. As an alternative, handle each set of wheels and tires independently from the others.

Scrubbing too soon

Nowadays, everyone is in a constant hurry. They want to save money and time at the same time. Although it takes time to be careful. The ordinary car owner tends to believe that they can complete what takes a professional detailer to complete in a professional shop in just 30 minutes while working in their driveway. Another mistake people make when washing their wheels is to scrub them too fast, before the wheel cleaner has a chance to do its job, or, even worse, not at all.

The most frequent impurity on wheels is brake dust, a sticky, black residue left behind by brake pads rubbing against rotors as you slow down and stop. Brake dust will dissolve in the wheel cleaner’s formulation. It works very rapidly, but it still takes time to accomplish its task.

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