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The Dangers of Ignoring Your Truck’s Tire Repair Needs

It’s easy to take the trusty old tires on your truck for granted. After all, buckskins may wear out and rust out, but rubber never gets old right? Well, wrong! If you don’t take care of your truck tires, you’ll eventually have to answer for it and it may not be pleasant. Here are the five biggest risks and dangers of neglecting the need for a truck tire service:

1. Loss of Tire Service Life

Neglecting the tire repair needs of your vehicle can lead to a significant shortening of the tires’ service life. Even the most durable tires become unreliable and unsafe in time. If a tire has a crack or other damage, it will slowly deplete the weakening tire’s reserves of flexibility and strength until it eventually gives in.

2. Tire Failure

Tire failure is one of the most dangerous risks of neglecting the tire repair needs of your vehicle. If a crack or other damage goes undetected, it could lead to a sudden tire deflation or blowout. Such an event could cause injury to passengers or damage to other vehicles on the road.

3. Poor Handling and Performance

Worn-out and damaged tires can also cause poor handling and performance. This can lead to slower acceleration, reduced responsiveness to the vehicle’s controls, and uneven road contact resulting in a bumpy ride.

4. Higher Operating Costs

The longer a tire stays damaged and worn, the more fuel it takes to maintain a vehicle’s speed. Since fuel is one of the largest expenses for a truck driver, you can expect this increased expense to quickly add up in the form of dramatically increased operating costs.

Air gauge not working?

It is important to keep your tires inflated to the recommended level. If your air gauge is not working, you should have a professional look into it. The last thing you want is for a tire to blow out and cause an accident.

To avoid the risks listed here and protect your safety, it’s important to check up on your tires regularly and have them repaired if needed. You can rely on Tire Express and Road Service #1 to keep your tires in top shape, allowing you to enjoy the ride and get to your destination with peace of mind. Contact us at (830) 433-2929 today to schedule a truck tire service in Seguin, TX!

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