The Best Roadside Tire Service

What to Expect From a Roadside Tire Replacement

Tire failure or blowout is one of the most common roadside emergencies that drivers need to address quickly and safely. Though some drivers prefer to replace their tires in a professional service center, roadside tire replacement can also be a fast and effective solution in certain circumstances. In order to ensure your safety while having your car tires replaced on the side of the road, it is important to be aware of what to expect from a roadside tire service.

Assessing Your Vehicle:

Before your technician can begin replacing your tire, it is important for them to assess your vehicle and identify the type of tire you require. They will measure the wheels and check the inside of your tires to determine the size, width, and load rating that your car needs.

Removing the Damaged Tire:

Once they have identified the right tire for you, they will start by jacking up your vehicle and removing the bolts holding your damaged tire in place. They will then detach the tire from the wheel and take it away to be disposed of properly.

Installing the New Tire:

Having taken your damaged tire away, they will fit the new tire in its place. Your technician will tighten all of the bolts with a torque wrench, ensuring that they are fitted securely.

Balancing and Aligning the Tire:

Once the new tire has been installed, the technician will check that it is properly balanced and aligned with your vehicle. This ensures that your car runs smoothly and efficiently. They may also add a lubricant to ensure that your wheel bearings do not suffer from undue wear and tear.

Final Checks:

Finally, your technician will check that all of the nuts and bolts have been tightened correctly and they will also inspect the tire pressure to ensure it is at the correct level. Once they are satisfied that everything has been completed properly, they can then lower your vehicle and you will be ready to drive away.

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